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Our Parents and Community Connections

The school endeavours to offer as many opportunities as we can to involve you, the parents and carers, in the life of the school. We try to give further understanding in the approaches we use to teach the children and offer some ways you can support your children at home.

These are some of the events, workshops and activities:

Community singing at Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm every December.

Phonics for Parents- what you need to know to support your child's reading at home.

Online Safety Day - Activities and/or workshops for parents as part of the annual national Online Safety Day.

Tea and Share- a chance to come in and see your child's learning in their books.

Cricket and stallball matches vs the Village.

Sports Day on the village recreational ground.

Tips and Tricks evenings. Find out about your child's curriculum and leanring for the year to come.

Carols by Candlelight- last day of term 2.

Musical End of Year Performance- pupils who have been learning an instrument perform for the school, parents and carers.

Bi-annual Year 5 and 6 show in July.   


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